Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two Against One

Two Against One

          “Matilda, would you please answer the door. I don’t want to be disturbed this morning. Yesterday was enough to kill a rhinoceros, with all that police and chipmunk commotion. I’m exhausted,” complained Mrs. Gotrocks.
          The maid dutifully went to the door and opened the large oak door, but didn’t see anyone.  Just as she shut the door, the doorbell rang again.
          “Matilda, I told you to answer the door,” snapped Mrs. Gotrocks.
          “Sorry, ma’am, but I didn’t see anyone.
          “Well, don’t argue, just answer it!”
          Matilda knew there was no pleasing her boss, and again opened the heavy door. And when she did, she heard a squeak and looked down to see a strange creature.            

          “Morning, ma’am. I’m Slink. I’ve come to see Mrs. Gotrocks.”

          Matilda stared. And stared. Not knowing who the creature was, she just dismissed him. “Oh, it’s nothing, Mrs. Gotrocks. Just the wind blowing.”
          Slink would have none of it, and darted past Matilda, on to the adjacent parlor where Mrs. Gotrocks was having tea.
          “Come back here,” whined Matilda. But Slink ignored her.
          “Morning, Mrs. Gotrocks. Let me introduce myself. I’m Slink, your neighbor. I live on the other side of the creek, at the end of Farmer Shoestring’s yard.”
          Mrs. Gotrocks looked down at the furry, bold creature, and for some reason was fascinated.
          “You know, Mrs. Gotrocks, you and I have a lot in common.”
          “Oh?” Mrs. Gotrocks put down her cup and leaned forward.
          “You see,” Slink continued, “We have a mutual acquaintance.”
          “And who might that be?” Mrs. Gotrocks couldn’t conceal her curiosity.
          Slink felt a homerun in the making. “Chatty the chipmunk.”
          “What? That hideous varmint?” stormed the rich, old lady.
          “That’s right. And I have a plan that will make both of us very happy. As a matter of fact, you might call it a deeeeelicious plan!”

To be continued…
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