Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Rat in the Yard

          Gray clouds loomed overhead as Chatty scurried to find more grasshoppers for the storeroom. Mrs. Robin sang out her daily, cheery melody from high in Farmer Shoestring’s Queen Anne cherry tree. And Chatty’s friend, Mealy mouse, was at his usual spot scarfing down fallen seeds from the farmer’s bird feeder. All was well with the world. Until suddenly Chatty heard yelling, “Call the police. Call the police.”
          Chatty jerked his head up and saw Mrs. Gotrocks waving her arms wildly. “There’s a rat in my yard,” she screamed, pointing at Chatty.
          Dumfounded, Chatty looked around to see who she was yelling at, and then realized he was him! He had accidentally wandered over to his mean neighbor’s yard. Mrs. Gotrocks hated chipmunks. Worse yet, she referred to them as rats! Chatty was most indignant at her snide remark.
          “I’m no rat!” he retorted. “I’m a respectable chipmunk.”
          “I don’t care what you call yourself.” Mrs. Gotrocks insisted. “I’m calling the police.”
          “Mrs. Gotrocks, I’ve got to gather food for our storeroom,” he pleaded. “My mom is sick, and my brothers and sisters are starving to death,” he lied.
          “Gather, shmather! She stormed. “Go do your gathering on someone else’s yard. I didn’t move here to entertain rodents!”
          “You’re a mean, old lady,” Chatty shot back. “I hope you grow warts!”
          “What? Does your mother know you talk that way?”
          Chatty felt a twinge of regret for being so disrespectful. But, he reasoned, she had it coming.
          “I’ve had enough.” Mrs. Gotrocks turned and walked straight back to the house and called the police. “Hello, Sam? Need your help. Have to get rid of a pesky, no good, dog-ugly varmint!”      

To be continued…
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