Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Calling All Chipmunks, Calling All Chipmunks

          Word got around to all the chipmunks in the neighboring yards that Chatty was in trouble. He was in jail! There was so much chittering going on, it sounded like a wind storm howling through Farmer Shoestring’s orchard. Mrs. Robin and her relatives passed the word long to the sparrows, gold finches and cardinals. Even the mourning doves cooed their sadness over the arrest of their favorite furry friend. 
          Morning came early for Mrs. Chipmunk. She couldn’t eat, thinking about the latest news about Chatty. There was to be a court hearing today, and the fate of her son was in the hands of Judge O’Leary. “Oh, Lord, please protect my Chatty. Help him to not be afraid, in Jesus’ Name, amen.”                     
Swishing his long black robe, the gruff judge entered the courtroom with authority and seated himself behind the prestigious bench. Then he banged the gavel as the balif thundered, “All rise. Hear ye, hear ye. The Court is now in session.”
Mrs. Gotrocks and Slink seated in the first row of the spectators, smirked as they stood, and were eager to get their hands on Chatty, especially Slink. Mrs. Chipmunk, in the next row, nervously twitched her tail and noticed the very satisfied look on Slink.
          Looking down at Chatty, the Judge ordered, “Please stand and raise your right paw and answer, do you swear to solemnly tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God?”
          “Yes, your honor,” mumbled Chatty.
          Just then the door flew open and an unlikely crowd stormed the courtroom. All the neighborhood chipmunks and birds, headed by Mrs. Robin, flooded the room, shouting, “Free Chatty. Free Chatty.”
          “Hear, hear!” shouted the judge and banged the gavel hard. “This Court will be in order. What’s going on here?” he demanded.
          Chatty looked up at the towering judge and explained. “Your honor, these are my friends. They want to help me.”
          “Help?” he stormed back. “You call this help?”
          Chatty looked around at all his chipmunk friends and birds, especially Mrs. Robin, and graciously said, “Thanks, guys. I’m gonna be okay.” Then he spotted Slink seated next to Mrs. Gotrocks, and noticed the satisfied grin stretched across his furry face and said to himself, “Hmm…maybe not.”
To be continued…
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