Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Order in the Court

          “State your name.”
          “Mrs. Gotrocks.”
          “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” The judge was furious to have to preside over such a stupid case. “Go ahead and state your case,” he ordered abruptly.
          “Well, you see, your honor, I was in my garden checking the roses, when all of a sudden I noticed this rat by one of the bushes.
          “Stop!” yelled all the chipmunks in the room. “We are not rats! Your honor, make her apologize.”
          Chatty was seething. And Slink smirked.
          “A rodent is a rodent. Go on, Mrs. Gotrtocks.” The judge wasn’t going to get in the middle of a long-standing dispute about the differences in a rodent.
          “We need more respect,” insisted the chipmunks.
          “Yeah,” agreed Mrs. Robin and her friends. “Chipmunks need more respect.”
          “If you chipmunks and birds don’t shut up, I’ll respect you right out the door,” screamed the judge.
          “Now, go on Mrs. Gotrocks, and make it snappy.”
          “Well, when I confronted the rodent, he gave me a sob story of how his mother was sick, and his brother and sister were dying of starvation.  Of course, I didn’t believe a word of it.” You know how these rats…er…chipmunks lie.”
          Chatty looked over at his mom. A huge tear ran down Mrs. Chipmunk’s furry cheek. Chatty lowered his chin. He had been caught red-handed in his big, fat lie.
          Mrs. Gotrocks caressed her long strand of pearls as she continued her witness against Chatty. “Your Honor, if you don’t mind my saying, my social circle has no place for…rodents. You know, they decrease the value of property. It’s my opinion, and I’m sure the whole neighborhood that all rats…rodents, should be disposed of immediately.”
          “Anything else?”
          “No, your honor. I think I’ve said enough.”
          “You certainly have. You may step down.”       
          The judge looked down at Chatty, who was obviously shaken by the whole event. “Do you have anything to say in your defense Mr. Chatty?”
          “Your honor, Chipmunks do have value. You see, we’re very good at aerating the soil.”
          “I’ll aerate you if you ever step on my property again,” screamed Mrs. Gotrocks from her seat.
          “Order in the Court,” shouted the judge. This time he was a little easier on the gavel. “This Court will be dismissed. I’ll give you my opinion tomorrow.”  

          With that, the gavel banged one last time for the day, and Chatty was led away back to the jail, where he lay on the cement floor and sobbed his heart out, until he fell sound asleep.
 And an angel of the Lord stood watch all through the night.

To be continued…
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