Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Fifty Back-yard Dash

                    Sirens screamed throughout the neighborhood, as people came running outside to see what the ruckus was all about. Three police cars slammed on their brakes in front of the large Victorian home of Mrs. Gotrocks.
          “Hurry, officer. He ran that way,” directed the much bejeweled neighbor of Chatty. Her bracelets clinked together as she waved in the direction of Chatty’s burrow.
          Mrs. Robin twittered a warning to Chatty, who was hiding beneath Farmer Shoestring’s grape arbor, with a large bunch of blue Concords wrapped around him. He held his breath as he heard the shouting of the policemen, and Mrs. Gotrocks bellowing orders in the background.
          “There he is. There he is,” hollered a lieutenant.
          “No, that’s not him,” yelled Sam, the chief of police. “That’s a mouse.” Poor Mealy mouse he was so frightened, he threw up all the seeds he had just scarfed up and darted off to hide under the nearby lilac.
          “We’re lookin’ for a chipmunk,” instructed Sam. “And when we find him, we’ll rid this whole block of any chipmunk who dares to show his pointy, little face!”
          “Did you find him, Sam? Did you find him?” Mrs. Gotrocks was beside herself. Oh, how she detested that smart, little chipmunk.
          Then everything became quiet. No one was shouting, not even talking. Chatty peeped around the grape leaf, and much to his horror, looked straight into the face of the chief of police.
          Sam was so shocked, it took a minute before he realized he was looking at Chatty. And then he shook himself.
          “I’ve got him. Over here. Come on, lieutenant, let’s get him.”
          But Chatty was too fast for them. And the chase was on. In and out of thickets, back to the grape arbor, down to the creek, Chatty ran as fast as he could.
          “Hurry, men, hurry,” ordered Sam, running as fast as he could.
          Just when Chatty thought he was safe under a fallen log, he felt a large, meaty palm scoop him up. “My, oh my. What have we here,” the chief muttered.  “You’re kinda cute, if I dare say so myself.”
          Chatty shook violently and promptly fainted dead away, as the chief carefully placed him into his coat pocket.

          To be continued…
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