Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chessie, the Unlikely Hero

         “Chatty, get in here.” Mrs. Chipmunk’s tone was almost severe.
         “What is it Mom?”
         “Something’s wrong with you. You acted strange at breakfast. You wouldn’t even eat the beautiful strawberries I saved for you.”
         Chatty stammered. “Well, er, I’m just tired from scrounging for nuts and berries for the storeroom.
         “You’re not telling me the truth. I can feel it’s something more. What is it?”
         Chatty was at a loss for words. He didn’t want to worry her about Slink. But he had to be honest. “Mom, I saw Slink yesterday.”
         Mrs. Chipmunk blanched. Slink was always their greatest worry.
         “Did he try to catch you?”
         “I saw him staring at me through some branches, and I took off into a rock pile.” 
         Mrs. Chipmunk gave Chatty a warm hug and bowed their heads to ask God for protection today.
         The fall winds howled through Farmer Shoestring’s orchard, as if calling the animals to prepare for winter’s hibernation. Chatty nabbed as many grasshoppers as he could, and stuffed the pouches of his cheeks with nearby beechnuts, all the while keeping a lookout for Slink. Just as he turned to head back toward his burrow on the other side of Farmer Shoestring’s Queen Anne cherry tree, he heard a rustling amongst the branches.  He froze in his tracks as he caught sight of the dangerous weasel. “Oh, Jesus, help me,” he prayed to himself.

         Slink crouched low, and was just about to pounce on the frightened chipmunk when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw Chessie the cat, his much feared enemy. Chessie arched her back and hissed at the weasel as she swished her long, gray tail. Then she lunged at Slink. Slink bolted through the orchard, past dense thickets and on toward the creek where he was safe from the dreaded cat. But there would be another day, he reasoned, when he surely would have a juicy chipmunk for lunch. His beady eyes narrowed and he snickered with glee as he schemed on how he would make that day come, very soon.
To be continued…

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